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The finest quality, custom colored wearable art, made from upcycled, designer tuxedo coats.


100% Handmade designs, no two are the same.

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Why Tuxedos?

We purchased the largest tuxedo rental company in Washington DC and thought to ourselves, "what can we do with all of these tuxedos?" Our answer was the Tie Dye Tuxedo Co.

They may have been worn to an event with a foreign ambassador, ceremonies with heads of state, or even a presidential gala. Your coat may have even been worn by a Secret Service officer on a stealthy mission!

The only thing we know is that our unique tie dye process enhances the look and creative style of the coats-creating a whole new piece of wearable art. We are the only company in the world that makes handmade tie dyed tuxedos with our unique paint process.

Can I get the same design in another size?

Each coat is an individual piece of art and will be made only once. Similar designs can be made by request in additional sizes  provided they are available at time of request.

Can I exchange my Tie Dye Tux?

Due to the unique and custom nature of our coats, all sales are final. Size exchanges may be possible on a case-by-case basis.

How should I clean my Tie Dye Tux?

We have done a number of tests on our Tie Dye Tux coats. We have found that spot cleaning and hanging your coat in a fresh breeze is the best way to clean it.

We have also had success with the dry cleaner as well. Slight color dampening may occur. Be sure to ask for the gentlest process that your dry cleaner offers.

You might consider asking for your cleaner to use "petrolium solvent". Tie Dye Tux Co. takes no responsibility for the results of cleaning your coat. It is a unique wearable art piece and should be treated with care.

I'd love my wedding party to have matching Tie Dye Tux coats. How do we do that?

Please send us an email for group coat availability. We are able to accommodate most requests for matching styles. Keep in mind, although the colors and style of the coats will match, each coat will have its own unique design and pattern.

Can you apply your tie dye process to my pants/hat/shirt etc.?

On a case-by-case basis we may be able to customize your existing garment. Please email us your request for more information.


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